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Leadership/Executive Coaching with Pinnacle

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Organization’s Culture?

Organizations often feel they can tackle their issues of internal health on their own. Arguments like “We know our people better than anyone else…” may be true, but this familiarity often keeps real leaders from evaluating and assessing the organization’s climate.

 Also, many organizations simply ignore cultivating their internal health in order to ‘save money’.  In reality the lack of attention to internal health costs organizations much, much more in terms of turnover, unresolved conflict, low employee morale, as well as the opportunity cost of mediocre decisions resulting from employees working as individuals rather than synergistically as teams.

How will your organization benefit from a relationship with Pinnacle?

A Collaborative Partner

With a trusted external consultant / facilitator, your people will sense more of a “safe place” and be more open and honest about the issues facing them and their teammates. This transparency will lead to clearer issue definition, and higher quality resolution of those issues.

A Trusted Advisor

“It’s lonely at the top…” Senior leaders of organizations often have difficulty finding folks to bounce things off of.  Pinnacle is pleased to have developed relationships with client senior level leaders that provide the forum for such discrete and strategic conversations.

Organizational Health

Organizational health is our specialty. We will help your teams become healthier – with lasting results. 

Help at Every Level

Generally, consultants, as well as internal trainers, can lead, teach and train only at levels that they themselves have achieved professionally. As a successful entrepreneur and senior leader of organizations in the for profit and not for profit worlds, Bud Wrenn is able to deal with organization members at all levels.  In addition Bud continues to as a leadership practitioner with the three organizations for which he serves as the senior leader.

Customized Solutions

Pinnacle consistently provides customized organizational health and change leadership solutions for its clients.

Our Offerings

The Initial 1-day or 2-day Off Site

Based on the model developed by The Table Group, and based on content of Lencioni’s very successful books on organizational health, the 2-day off-site is geared toward driving executive level teams to achieving greater levels of organizational clarity among themselves and the teams they manage, particularly with regard to purpose, business definition, values and strategy. 

More Details

The entire approach and ‘curriculum’ will be built on the learnings around the four disciplines of a healthy organization:

  • Team Cohesiveness
  • Creating organizational clarity
  • Over-communicating organizational clarity
  • Driving organizational clarity into our human systems

Post Off-Site Services

To help build on the work in the Off-Site, and to drive cohesiveness and clarity deeply into the very DNA of the organization, Pinnacle offers follow-on consulting and facilitating services. Follow-on work is steered by the Off-Site Playbook, which lays out the ‘next steps’ for the organization.

TEAMinar Multi-Team Workshops

This delivery model is a unique offering in which the material from the Two Day Off Site or Innovative Planning Workshop is offered in a multi-team format.

More Details

Though not as in-depth as either of the above offerings, teams will engage in exercises and be exposed to tools that will help to jump start the organization. TEAMinar provides an economical means for experiencing at a broader level much of what the Two Day Off Site offers.


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