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Bud Wrenn is one of only a handful of Consulting Partners that have been trained and endorsed by my company, The Table Group. I have complete confidence in his ability to deliver our material in a very practical and impactful way.

Patrick Lencioni

Founder, The Table Group

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Pinnacle Serves Both For Profit and Not For Profit Organizations

Bud Wrenn has served as a leader of leaders through his entire career.  First – in his corporate career as a divisional CFO for a Fortune 500 company, and then as the founding pastor of a growing, healthy church and director of a leadership development organization for leaders of faith-based organizations.  This experience uniquely qualifies Bud to help organizations analyze and diagnose their cultures, and help them integrate Organization Health to improve their culture.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock The Full Potential of Your Team and Your Organization

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from working with Pinnacle….

Visible progress on teams regarding trust. Issues between team members will be more readily discussed.

Team members share and act on feedback they receive from each other. Feedback among team members will begin to flow without being forced.

Team meetings will look and feel different. Healthy conflict will be noticeable and encouraged by team leaders. Participation among all team members will increase.

The team members will spend more productive time with each other.

Team members leave meetings with clarity, closure and a communication plan.

The team members will spend more productive time with each other.

The team will be focused collaboratively on a collective goal, with that goal serving as a rallying cry for all team members.

Teammates will be more aware of the organization’s direction, and will be inclined to take greater ownership of that direction.

Enhanced leadership skills of leaders will help make the new culture an enduring one.

Our Purpose and Philosophy

Pinnacle exists to maximize the performance of organizations and the teams in those organizations. Teams are, by nature, potentially more productive than individuals, or collections of individuals.

Our Business

Pinnacle provides high quality Organization Health consulting, coaching and facilitation services, as well as workshops and seminars to both for profit and not for profit organizations.

Our Focus

  Most organizations do a rather good job of being SMART about the mechanics of running their business, but ‘SMARTness’ alone is not enough!   Organizations that are really successful are SMART, but also place equal emphasis on organizational HEALTH.   
Organizational health requires a focus on things like high morale and productivity among employees and members, low turnover, and minimizing politics and confusion.

Organizational Health

Many organizations are characterized by a culture of what we call ‘artificial harmony’, in which employees behave as if everything is good and smooth between teammates.  This typically leads to a reluctance to give pointed feedback, opinions, etc. that may ‘disturb’ the status quo.  The result is that the organization is relegated to making ‘less than the best’ decisions because ideas, opinions, challenges are seldom surfaced. Pinnacle seeks to help clients minimize the effect of artificial harmony by establishing a culture of Organizational Health. 

About Bud Wrenn

Bud Wrenn is the principal of Pinnacle Consulting and Coaching Group.  Bud has had lengthy tenures in both for-profit and non-profit sectors.  During a ten-year career with AT&T, he held various supervisory and mid-level management positions, and served as the Divisional CFO for government contracting and manufacturing arm of the company.

He attained the Certified Management Accountant designation and was a part of the company’s Emerging Leaders Program.

Bud serves a lengthy list of clients in Healthcare, as well as Financial, Architecture and Engineering, Technology, and Government Sectors.  Bud’s engaging approach puts clients at ease, while challenging them to reach for higher levels of excellence.  Bud loves working with teams of all ages and sizes.  He especially enjoys working with newly formed teams. This passion is reflective of his having founded three organizations, and of his corporate career, in which he was frequently called upon to assume positions requiring the development of structure in the context of undefined, abstract business opportunities and requirements.

Bud’s book Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D, with a foreword by Rick Warren, Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4Dis a practical guide for organizations seeking to develop a culture of continuous improvement through healthy alignment, member ownership and sustainability. He has authored articles that have appeared in various on-line sites and print publications.

Bud founded the Innovative Church Community, an organization committed to providing a practical forum for learning and networking for leaders of non-profits, in order to equip them and their organizations to reach new levels of excellence. He also is the founder of Integrity Church, a growing innovative congregation, and a winner of the prestigious Purpose Driven Ministries Church Health Award, recognizing excellence in developing congregational systems and infrastructure. Bud is also a certified leadership coach.

Bud holds two Masters Degrees and a Doctoral Degree.

Bud and wife Tammy have three children.

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“Our time with Bud Wrenn focusing on organizational health principles and practices allowed our organization to tap into its intellectual capital and talent like never before. We are seeing organizational transformation right before our eyes.”

Steve Burr

Sr Vice President, Carolinas HealthCare System

“Bud Wrenn and the Pinnacle team were very helpful in our ability to execute a financial turnaround of our health care system.  The time we spent with Bud was energizing, interesting and informative.  He helped us identify and address personal and organizational behaviors which were holding us back from overall team success.  This led to strengthened respect, trust and accountability.”

Lorraine Lutton

Chief Executive Officer, Roper St. Francis Hospital

“One of my fears was that the session would be a waste of time. It was anything but. Bud’s style as trainer/facilitator was very effective in making the information come alive and foster a safe environment. The material helped me in the CHV/CCHS arena, but also in my professional development. Thank you for job very well done.”

Christine Martin

Chief Financial Officer, Cleveland County HealthCare System

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